Topic: ChipTip v.3 description

Version 3 received many small improvements all over the application including screens from "Base functionality" and "Lathe turning" packages. But most important is the introduction of new "Milling" package.
The Milling package is designed to save your time in workshop when working on milling machine.
All screens of this package are located inside «Milling» main menu folder. These are:
* Cutting parameters — calculate spindle speed, table feed rate and more;
* Cylindrical groove — calculate how to do cylindrical grooves using ordinary end mills;
* Flange with holes — calculate how to locate holes (or similar features) evenly on some circle. Calculates distance between holes and coordinates of holes centers;
* Single gear dimensions  — simple calculation of standard profile straight tooth gear. Find outer diameter and depth of in-between-teeths recesses to know how to machine the gear;
* Dividing — allows to create, change and store sets of settings for your indexing/dividing devices. Divides circle on even parts with direct, indirect, differential methods. Also includes very powerful «Error averaging» method which allows dividing to practically any number without using change gears!

Learn more about "Milling" package including screenshots here.

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