Topic: ChipTip v.2 description

Improvements compared to previous version:
* New screens added: «Change gears calculation», «Tool bits angles», «Lathe feed rates», «Cam turning» and «Protractor»;
* Improved structure and appearance of main menu. Check its overview:
* New help pages contains images and thus more informative;
* Added in-application purchases for new functionality.

New screens:
1. Cam turning — the screen allows to calculate thickness of the saddle to be placed between the turned part and one of the jaws of three jaw self centering chuck.

2. Feed rates — screen shows feed rates for turning some selected materials.

3. Tool bits angles — the screen shows cutting angles of lathe tool bits for various cutting materials and cut conditions.

4. Change gears calculation — screen helps to calculate proper setup of change gears when turning threads on a lathe. Overview of the screen:

"Protractor"  screen allows to produce angle template which could be used for cutting angles control of tool bits and drills. Also screen allows to measure tapers.

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