Topic: Safe Speed: less risks - more fun on a road!

The «Safe Speed» program designed to help you to avoid risky and dangerous situations while driving. The program monitors speed (via GPS\Glonas) and acceleration (via accelerometer built in to your smart-phone). It also calculates number of parameters based on measured speed and acceleration such as brake way and brake time needed to stop your vehicle from current speed.

Main features:

1.    Measuring and calculation of:

        * Current speed;

        * Brake way (from current speed to zero);

        * Brake time (from current speed to zero);

        * Current acceleration;

        * TNT-meter — calculates energy release in hypothetic situation when car (on current speed) hits in to massive stationary object;

        * Average speed;

        * Maximum speed;

        * Three different trip distances TRIP A, TRIP B, TRIP C.

2.    Testing of your vehicle brake abilities. With “Safe Speed” you can measure drivers reaction time, brake system activation time, maximum deceleration during braking. Perform tests on various tires and under different weather conditions - this way you’ll have objective data about your car braking abilities and more reliable values for brake way and traction loss limits.

3.    Informing the driver with color lights, sound or synthesized voice about:

        * Speed is out of user defined range;

        * Brake way is out if user defined range (e.g. it is too long);

        * Possible loss of traction during turns or on straight line;

        * And many more - “Safe Speed” has robust and versatile limits processing system which could be configured by user in may different ways.

4.    By voice narration of current speed or current brake way.

5.    Zero speed fusion function — prevents wrong speed values from GPS to be processed by the program when the vehicle is actually not moving. This function uses other sensors built in to the phone to detect and correct such situations.

6.    Accelerometer calibration function for precise acceleration readings.

Users manual: … _help.html

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